149 years ago, an ambitious, hard-working blacksmith had an idea.

At the time, split-rail fencing commonly used on farms was being replaced by wire fences with steel posts. The new fences required much less labor and offered far longer life.

But there was one weakness in the system.

The augers used to drill holes for the steel posts were inefficient and fragile, especially drilling into frozen or rocky soil. 

This curious and inventive 18-year-old came up with a new auger design that worked faster and lasted longer.

He sent his invention to the US patent office, where examiners agreed his idea was unique and issued a patent.

The name on US patent #91,387: a blacksmith named Alexander Vaughan.

image of alexander vaughan

Much like the auger he invented, Alexander broke new ground with his ideas.  

From 1869 until his death in 1905, he designed, built and sold an ever-increasing variety of hand tools. Every tool he made offered the design, construction and durability needed to withstand daily use by tradesmen who relied on them to make their living.  

image of early vaughan and bushnell employees

When Alexander's son Sanford took over the business, he expanded the product line and continuously worked on design improvements and innovations. And he established a Vaughan family legacy that, five generations on, continues to this day. 

Just as in Alexander's day, in 2018 Vaughan tools are still made with an uncommon attention to detail.  Vaughan has not only endured, they've thrived - today Vaughan is the world's largest manufacturer of striking tools. 

image of vaughan manufacturing  building

With a centuries-old reputation for product quality, performance and durability well in hand, the Vaughan family has extended their brand to carefully selected manufacturing and marketing partners.

These partners work hand-in-hand with the Vaughan research and development team to design and develop innovative products that complement the core striking tool business. 

Many years have passed since Alexander Vaughan was awarded his first of many patents,but one thing hasn't changed: Five generations of the Vaughan family and the dedicated craftsmen who produce their products care a great deal about the tools that carry the Vaughan name, and the care is obvious.

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