Vaughan 2 Piece Diamond Sharpening WhetStone Set

Sharpen those dull blades around the house, shop, garage or on the job with these high-quality diamond whetstone hones. The set includes benchtop and pocket sharpeners to cover a wide variety of edge sharpening tasks.

You'll quickly and easily sharpen blades to a razor's edge, including kitchen knives, hunting knives, scissors, chisels, tools, router bits and more.

The benchtop sharpener is dual-sided, with a 400 grit coarse side for restoring a dull edge and a 600 grit fine side for finishing. The sharpening stone rests in a storage case with an anti-slip base for ultimate control and safety and includes a cover for safe storage between uses.

The portable pocket sharpener folds out for convenient blade touch-ups anywhere you need them and offers coarse and fine grit surfaces.  

  • Genuine diamond particles under a perforated surface that collects debris for clean honing surfaces every time 
  • Makes a great gift for cooks, homeowners, woodworkers, crafters, hunters and anyone who uses blades 
  • Use dry or with water - no oil needed
  • Includes benchtop and portable sharpeners with coarse and fine grit stones 
  • Durable construction for years of performance
  • Item #240021
  • Official Licensed Product. Vaughan is a registered trademark of Vaughan & Bushnell Mfg. Co. All rights reserved.

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