Vaughan Digital Temperature Gun Infrared Non-Contact Dot Laser Thermometer

Getting accurate temperature readings on engines, HVAC components, appliances, BBQ grills, windows, wheel bearings, foods and swimming pools is safer, easier and downright fun with the Vaughan laser-guided infrared thermometer.

It’s so easy to use. Just point the laser guide at the object to be measured and see the temperature displayed on the digital readout. With an 11-to-1 distance to spot ratio you can take readings from a safe distance. 

And the LCD display is color-coded for faster temperature references. Set a target temperature and quickly see if you're above (display turns red), below (display turns blue) or within (display turns green) the target temperature range.

This compact thermometer measures and displays temperatures from -20° to +900° Fahrenheit and -28° to + 482° Celsius.

It’s built to last using quality components and precision electronics with an accuracy of +/- 4%. Powered by two AA batteries (included).

  • Laser-guided thermometer lets you pinpoint the surface to be measured
  • 11-to-1 distance to spot ratio makes it easy to take readings from a safe distance
  • Select Fahrenheit or Celcius readouts
  • Measures temperatures from -20°to 900° F and -28° to + 482° C with +/- 4% accuracy
  • Durable construction resists damage and heavy use
  • Includes two Duracell AA batteries
  • Item #240022
  • Official Licensed Product. Vaughan is a registered trademark of Vaughan & Bushnell Mfg. Co. All rights reserved.

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